Experiential Religion

II Peter 1:16-21

One thing I learned about having an operation like I had is that many people wish to share their experiences with you. That is good to some extent, because I had never gone through anything quite like this and wasnít really sure what to expect.

Someone said once that Ďexperience is the best teacherí. I am sure that there is some truth to that statement, but experience isnít everything because experience varies with each individual. Many folks are looking for an experience when it comes to their religion. And many religions offer a variety of experiences for those who seek them.

I. What is Experiential Religion?

II. Is it necessary to have an "experience" to be saved?

We have all had experiences in life that have awakened our spiritual awareness. You probably could relate some event in your own life. Perhaps a tragic accident, meeting a special person, or reading a book.

However awakened these experiences are, they can only open the mind to accept God's Word. Only those who hear God's saving message, believe it and obey it will find the joy of salvation. No experience will ever substitute for the experience of obedience.