Divine Paradoxes

I Peter 2:9

A paradox is a seemingly contradiction. Webster says, "A statement that is seemingly contradictory of opposed to common sense and yet, is perhaps true."

One thing is said, then another statement is made which seems to contradict or cross what has been said; that is a paradox.

There are some paradoxes when it comes to a person being a Christian. It can be confusing if we do not carefully consider the Scriptures. Today we want to consider some of those seeming contradictions.

I. Christians are both Dead and Alive.

II. A Christian Has Nothing, Yet Possesses All.

III. Christians are contented, but yet not satisfied.

IV. Christians are Good people, yet there is No Good in them at all.

Don't let these paradoxes confuse you. God is good. He is our strength. He is our refuge. He is in control.

This morning if you are without Christ, realize that you are condemned already. But God has made a provision for your salvation. He sent His Son, Jesus to Calvary to pay the price for your deliverance. You can be saved today. You can connect with the Source of Eternal Life!

Christian, you are unique. God has saved us, but we have been left here on this earth to accomplish His will and fulfill His plan for our life. Are we actively involved in doing what God wants? Are we serving Him with our lives?