Loving Life

I Peter 3:8-11

When I was barely 3 months old, one of the earliest of daytime soap operas began to air. "Love of Life" began in September of 1951. For the first seven years, it was only 15 minutes long and ran five days a week. In 1958 it was expanded to a half-hour show and continued to air until 1980. As is the case with most TV series, they have very little to do with real life. I do like the title though. 'Love of Life' Do we love life tonight? We ought to! How can we? Listen as Peter instructs us in the third chapter of his first epistle. Read: 1 Peter 3:8-11

I. Be an Encourager v8

II. Be a Blessing - v9

III. Be a Christian - v10-11

How can we love life? Peter gives us three thoughts in this passage. Be Encouragers, Be Blessings, and Be Christians. How are we doing in these areas? Why not come tonight and recommit to loving the life that He has given to us.