Showing Respect

I Peter 2:17

We live in a very rude world. And unfortunately people are becoming ruder by the minute. Common courtesy isn't so common any more. It seems that respect for people is at an all time low. Our favorite kind of humor today is sarcasm -- put down humor. Whether it is Leno, Letterman, Stewart, or Colbert many tune in and listen to them put down society. Their favorite targets are those in authority, those in leadership; those who should be respected if for no other reason than because of their position.

But the Bible makes it very clear that respect is one of those values that is necessary for life. The Bible is very specific about this. We find that we are to respect parents, people in authority, and church leadership. The Scriptures go on to instruct wives to respect and reverence their husbands and husbands are to respect and reverence their wives. And if we think that someone doesn't fit the above categories, the Lord tells us that we should respect and honor all men.

We all want to be respected. We want other people to treat us with dignity. So today we're going to begin to look at this missing characteristic. We will consider the why and how of showing respect.

Let's begin by looking at four reasons why we should respect everybody regardless of their lifestyle, regardless of their decisions, regardless of their behavior or beliefs. The Bible says every person should be treated with respect.

1. Because God Made Everybody.

2. Because Jesus Died For Everyone.

3. Because It Shows We Know God.

4. Because of the Law of the Harvest.

In a world that's full of rudeness and disrespect, how can we show respect to others in a practical way? Five practical ways to do this:

There is no excuse for rude and disrespectful behavior in the life of a believer. We have a responsibility to represent Christ in this world. One important value that we must build our lives upon is the value of showing respect.