What We Need For Life

II Peter 1:3

Last week we began a series on Games People Play. We started with Monopoly. We started there because it's no use going through LIFE until we realize Who is really in charge. LIFE is at its best when we give Jesus Christ the Title Deed to our life. That means He controls our heart, our passions. It means He controls our stuff, everything we have. It means He controls our relationships, everyone we know. It means He controls us! That's where LIFE begins, by giving Jesus the Monopoly. Remember, when Jesus has the monopoly, when He is in control - we win!

Spin the wheel of fortune, make a few choices and hope for the best! That's pretty much THE GAME OF LIFE, at least Milton Bradley's version of LIFE. The original game was used to teach morals to young children, but today's GAME OF LIFE seems to be more about getting everything you can and not ending up in the poor house. Maybe we feel like that at times.

But what does it take to make it through this LIFE? Once we've placed Jesus in the driver's seat; we've made the commitment that He is in control; what do we do once we've made that commitment? The answer is found in our Bible passage this morning: 2 Peter 1:3

This one verse tells us that the Lord Jesus Christ gives us everything we need for LIFE. So, rather than looking to the 'so-called' experts that tell us what we need, let's look to the infallible, inerrant Word of God and find the answer to our question, "What do we need for LIFE?" Before we answer that question…

I. We Must First Be Sure That We Have Life!

II. Then We Need A Purpose in Life!

III. How Do We Get There? How Do We Become Like Jesus?

What do we need?

1. We need to come to Christ in faith and get His life for all eternity!

2. We need to fulfill God's purpose for our life!

3. We need to become like Christ!

Why bother?

"For if these things be in you, and abound, they make you that ye shall neither be barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ." 2Peter 1:8

It's not about reaching perfection in any of these areas - that won't happen until we get to heaven. But it is all about growing in these areas and the result will be an effective and productive LIFE for Christ.


1. For those who do not know Jesus Christ personally, I invite you to come by faith and receive Him today. Start your new LIFE this morning.

2. For those who are saved, but you haven't grown in Christ, determine today to begin to build these characteristics in your LIFE.

3. For those who need to come for whatever reason, come today and find God's answers for LIFE.