Day the Earth Melts

II Peter 3:7-10

Five of those titles were to Science Fiction movies produced in the 50's and 60's; the last one is the title to my message this morning: The Day the Earth Melts. At times, the Bible astounds us with its message. It is both historical and prophetical! It is filled with important information that each of us needs to know. It tells us about our beginning, but it also outlines for us our ending.

Read: 2 Peter 3:7-10

That passage reads like science fiction, but it isn't from the imagination of some author who wants to sell a story; it is the inspired Word of God! And as such, we know that it is true! Peter tells us that there is coming a day when the world as we know it now, will be burned up with fire. It will melt! Things that we never imagined could burn will melt. The concrete in the foundation of this church building will melt and burn up. Our cities, our homes, our cars, everything that is now will one day melt. That is difficult to imagine isn't it? Remember the WTC towers; they crumbled due to the intense heat.

I. How Will This Happen?

II. When Will This Happen?

III. Why Hasn't This Already Happened?

This world will one day melt with fervent heat. Everything here will be destroyed. God's judgment is nearer now, than it was when the Holy Spirit used Peter to pen these words. Are you the one for whom God is waiting? Do you need to come to Him today, by faith, and be saved? Christian, what are we doing? People all around us are in darkness and need to hear the truth that will set them free. What will we do?