How to Give Criticism

I Peter 4:8

Over the last several weeks we have looked at the subject of receiving criticism. We began with the definition that criticism is "any judgment made about you by another, which declares that you fall short of a particular standard." There were several principles that we considered concerning how to receive criticism.

Now I want us to continue on in our study of handling criticism, but this time I want us to consider how to GIVE criticism. We will use the same definition, but let's change the perspective. For this section of our study we will say that criticism is "any judgment made by us, which declares that others fall short of a particular standard."

INPUT: Which do you find easier, giving criticism or receiving it?

INPUT: Why is giving criticism a difficult thing to do?

I. Extremes that we must avoid

II. Work at Building a Foundation of Encouragement and Commendation.

III. We Need to Prepare Our Own Hearts.

Criticism, we need to know how to receive it, and how to give it.

1. Avoid Extremes

2. Build a Foundation of Commendation

3. Prepare Our Hearts

Have we found ourselves in the study this evening? Do we tend too much toward the negative? Do we keep quiet when we should be exhorting others? Have we considered ourselves first?

Do we need to make some changes? Change is a necessary part of growth. If God has revealed areas in need of change, let's respond to Him this evening by saying, yes to Him!