We Don't Get Out Much

I Peter 2:9

This is an election year, and we all know that there are certain areas that should be left alone. I remember talking with a neighbor once who was telling me about another neighbor. He said, "She is a nice lady, but one thing you really need to know…don't talk to her about religion or politics!" Those were two areas that were off limits.

There are many folks today who believe this same way. I have even had a few folks here at church get upset with me because I made voting records available. I explained that I wasn't trying to influence them to vote for any particular candidate, I just wanted to inform them to the record of how individuals had responded to some pro-family and pro-Christian issues.

So occasionally you may find some brochures in the foyer, don't get upset with me. But there are many, including some Christians, who believe that Christians should get out of politics.

Once in a while I hear someone say concerning another individual... (This is usually following some sort of embarrassing behavior) …they don't get out much! That is the title of the message this morning. "Christians Don't Get Out Much." Now I say that not just as an observation, but as a criticism. We don't get out enough. I am not advocating getting out of politics, education, etc. But we need to get out of the salt-shaker!

Last week I passed a church named the 'Salt-Shaker Community Church'. What is that all about? Jesus said, "Ye are the salt of the earth" But salt that stays in the shaker has no influence. We need to get out of the salt-shaker! We need to influence this world for Christ. Consider this morning three reasons that we need to get out more.

I. We need to get out, because we have been called out.

II. We need to get out, because we have been sent out.

III. We need to get out, because we will be taken out.

We don't get out much…but we need to get out:

  1. Because we have been called out.
  2. Because we have been sent out.
  3. Because we will be taken out.

Christian, we need to get out more. Will we come today and commit ourselves to being the influence that God meant for us to be?

Perhaps there is one here today who has never trusted Christ as Savior, the invitation is for you to come and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved today. Whatever the need the invitation is to come.