Closing the Books on 1998

II Peter 3:14-15

In just a few days we will say good-bye to 1998 and hello to a brand new year. As we move closer to the new millennium, what should we, as believers, be doing? Some would have us running for cover for fear of Y2K. However, the question before us today is not what we will do in the year 2000, but what will we do in 1999?

Let me give you some thoughts on what I believe we should be doing as we close the books on 1998 and look forward to 1999:

I. We Should Be Looking For The Lord's Return

II. We Should Be Living For Him Until He Comes

III. We Should Seek God's Will Until He Comes

What should we be doing in 1999? Have we set goals for ourselves? Include these three along with them. As Christians…

For those here who do not know Christ personally, may I encourage you to accept Him today? Jesus died that you might live. Come.