God's Christmas Tree

I Peter 2:24

At this time of the year in homes all across America you will find a Christmas tree with at least a few presents underneath. Some would say that believers should have nothing to do with them, because of their pagan origination. The Christmas tree has become a part of our season, and any pagan connections it originally may have had were lost long ago-- just as were the names of the days of our week which also had their origin in pagan beliefs. I believe that we can use this season in a positive way to remember the birth of the Savior, who He is and why He came into the world.

Every year you read of a Christmas tree that catches fire and the tragic result is devastating. Sometimes the entire home is lost as a result, but most certainly the tree and all the gifts are destroyed. Today, I want us to focus on God's Christmas tree--the Cross. His tree also is surrounded by gifts. But these gifts can never be destroyed. The gifts under God's tree are of infinite value, they were purchased by the death of God's Son on God's tree, the Cross.

I. The Gift of Salvation.

II. The Gift of Justification.

III. The Gift of Peace With God

IV. The Gift of Access to God

We could go on and on. God has given us so much in Christ. So many gifts, and these gifts never break and never wear out. They last for eternity and they do all that is promised and more.

Nothing sadder than a Christmas tree with gifts left unclaimed. Will you claim the gifts that God has given to you this morning? He loves us, and wants us to enjoy all that He has for us today. Will you come this morning? All of this and more is available at the cross…God's Christmas tree.