Giving An Answer

I Peter 3:15

There are three passages in the Bible that tells us that it is necessary for a Christian to be able to give an answer in helping spread the gospel of Christ. Let's notice them. (These may seem like "tall orders" but we must understand they are not as difficult with a little practice.)

Read : 2 Tim. 2:24-26

I. The Necessity of Giving an Answer

II. What is needed for us to accomplish this?

III. The Condition Of The Hearer

IV. How We Ought To Answer

We must be aware that we are obligated to give an answer, we must be able to give an answer, and we must always be ready to give an answer. We need to prepare ourselves more thoroughly to have a heart of righteousness, study the Bible and study the people we have an opportunity to give an answer to. We need to consider those who hear and realize that they are all different. We need to know that their eternity is in the balance