Responsibility Of The Believer

I Peter 5:5-11

Last Week we looked at the responsibility of the pastor to shepherd and lead the church. We saw that he is appointed by the Holy Spirit to serve the assembly of believers. He is to feed the flock of God not lording over them. His heart felt desire as Paul stated in Col. 1:28, is to "preach, warring every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus"

This evening I want to continue in I Peter 5:5-11 and look at the responsibility of all believers to the Lord.

I. Believers Are To Be Submissive. V5-7

II. Believers Are Encouraged To Stand Fast And Do Right. V8-11

III. Concluding Thoughts.

Do something. Do not sit by in silence and wait for someone else to do it, or assume that someone else will take care of it. There is danger in remaining silent.

There is a story told of a remarkable account of the destruction of an ancient city. The watchmen on the walls would call out whenever they thought they saw a foe approaching. Sensing that the people had begun to resent them for giving these alarms, they decided to remain quiet. Regrettably, not long afterward the enemy actually did come. The enemy sent a small group of men to test the defenses. They seemed to the watchmen to be of no danger. The walls were high and the city was strong. The watchmen were not sure if they were the enemy or not. They watchmen fearing the scorn of the town gave no alarm. They remained silent.

Then the enemy moved his main force and attacked the city. The city that could have been saved was assaulted and devastated, and nothing was left but smoking ruins. Later someone erected a small memorial inscribed with the following epitaph: "Here stood a town that was destroyed by silence."