Responsibility Of The Pastor

I Peter 5:1-4

The purpose of the Book of I Peter is to encourage believers to lift their eyes from present problems and trials and behold the wonders provided by an eternal perspective. The difficulties we have now last only for a time, and the child of God waits for an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade.

In chapter five Peter emphasizes the responsibilities of every child of God. Everyone in the church is exhorted to serve the Lord diligently.

Intro. The Responsibility Of The Pastor.

I. The Pastor Is Exhorted To "Feed The Flock Of God."

II. The Pastor Is To Take The Lead And Responsibility Over The Assembly Of Believers.

III. The Pastor Is To Serve Willingly, Not Being Forced To Serve.

IV. The Pastor Is Not The Hireling Of The Church.

IV. The Pastor Is Warned Not To "Lord" Over The Flock.

V. The Pastor's Reward. 5:4

There are principles found here that apply not only to the pastor, but to everyone. Next week will continue in this chapter and examine them. Each of us is responsible for our area of responsibility. Folks, the operation of a church is different from any and all organizations on this earth. It is headed by Christ! It is lead by an under shepherd at the appointment of God. The ultimate example is Christ. The standard is one of purity and righteousness for every child of God, because that was what Christ was. The pastor is supported financially by the church yet is appointed and called by God. The pastor is not the employee of the church, yet the church must recognize and appoint God choice to the position.