I Kings 14:25-28

Five years had passed since Solomon's death and they had been very sad years. During this time:

In this time of sin and division, the King of Egypt, Shishak, found an easy entrance into the land. Though Rehoboam and the people did finally humble themselves, God still permitted Shishak to spoil Jerusalem. Note the irony here: When God delivered Israel from Egyptian bondage, they left taking the treasures of Egypt with them. Now because of their sin, God allows Egypt to spoil Israel. He "took away the teasures of the house of the Lord and the King's house" which included 300 shields of gold that Solomon had made.

Note the glory of Solomon's kingdom:

Part of that glorious kingdom was the 300 shields of gold: cf 1 Kings 10:17 tells us that they each were made with 3 lbs. of gold. On today's market each shield would have $12,816 worth of gold for a total value of nearly $4 million!

These shields were representative of a time when God's glory was upon the nation of Israel. Now God's glory was gone! I want us to note the reaction of Rehoboam to these events.

I. What Did He Do?

II. What Should He Have Done?

III. We Should Prepare Ourselves To Seek God.

Conclusion: Rehoboam was a phony. He pretended to be something that he wasn't, he tried to hide the truth, and he was satisfied with substitutes. He failed to prepare his heart to seek the Lord.

The question this morning is really about our hearts. Do we know the Lord? Is our hearts right with God? Has the enemy stolen the joy of God's glory from our lives? Have we tried to replace it with pitiful substitutes? This morning, are you saved, surrendered, and serving? If not, why not come today and begin to prepare your heart to seek the Lord.