Set Thine House in Order

II Kings 20:1

This morning we read of an interesting account in the life of a great king in Israel. Hezekiah faces the same fate that every king previous and every king that would follow him would face. As a matter of fact, the Bible tells us that it is appointed unto man once to die. That means that every one of us has an appointment that was made by God, and that appointment is with death.

Now we might not want to think about that this morning, but it is still true. One day (and we don't when that might be) God will say that it is enough. He will call us to our appointment with death. Nothing can change that fact, but how we face that appointment is up to us. Let's consider how Hezekiah dealt with the news that he was to die.

I. The Command.

II. The Reaction.

III. Fifteen More Years