Is It Well?

II Kings 4:26

(Read v8-26)

Could we say that if facing such tragic circumstances? These three questions form the basis for the message today, and they are in the proper order:

I. Is It Well With You?

II. Is It Well With Your Husband?

III. Is It Well With Your Child...vs-26

Is it well with your soul? Is it well you're your husband? Is it well with your children?

I am so thankful for godly mothers who, like this Shunemite woman, are faithful to serve God with their lives. Their relationships with God, with their husbands, and with their children are of utmost importance to them.

Today is Mothers day, a special time to honor mothers. But Elisha's questions are for all of us to answer for ourselves. Is it well? If not, why not come today and make things right with God.

1. If you have never been saved…come now. 2. If you need to reconnect with God…come now. 3. If you need to pray about your relationship with your husband or maybe with a child…come now.