When the Brook Dries Up

I Kings 17:1-7

Elijah had just announced that there was to be no rain for three years. No sooner had Elijah spoken to Ahab on behalf of God than God told his prophet to get out of town. He was to go down near Jericho about forty-five miles to the south and to wait on the east side of the Jordan river by the brook called Cherith.

There are two reasons for this departure: First, it was to fulfill the prophecy of God in the lives of the king and the people of Israel. Second, God sent his prophet to the "school of the desert" not only to save his life from the sword of Ahab and Jezebel, but also to strengthen his faith in God who is able to provide all his needs in time of drought.

At this point in his life as well as ours we naturally want to say to God "Well, how are you going to do that? or "I bet God will provide for me in this way or that, through this brother or sister , or that church, etc." But as someone once said, "The one predictable characteristic of God is that He is unpredictable."

In the midst of the drought the Lord led Elijah to a small stream in the rough hills of ancient Moab now known as Jordan.

I. This was God's special place for Elijah, Cherith.

II. Several truths:


Where are we at tonight? Are we sitting comfortably along side the brook enjoying the blessings of God? Enjoy this time and praise the Lord for what He is doing in our lives. But we must realize that there will come a time when God will cause our brooks to dry up. We will be faced with an uncertain future.

This God will do, not to punish us or be mean to us, but to strengthen us and use us to fulfill His purpose for our lives. We can choose to obey Him and be blessed or we can choose to complain and dry up along with the brook. I heard recently of a woman who made a very sad statement. A new Christian was so excited about her new life in Christ that she simply couldn't contain herself. She had to praise God daily for what He was doing in her life. Another woman, who had been a Christian for some time, observed the zeal of this new Christian and said, "Well, she hasn't gotten bitter yet!" As if to say that our zeal and excitement for God is just temporary and that in time we will grow bitter toward God. How sad! She dried up along with the brook instead of following God!

What about us tonight? Have we lost our zeal and excitement for the things of God? Are we drying up spiritually? Why not come tonight and give yourself to God anew?