Five Serious Mistakes

II Kings 5:1-14

Mistakes are not uncommon. All of us make them whether we want to admit it or not! However, some mistakes are more serious than others because of the consequences.

There have been times when I have given incorrect directions to someone in telling them how to get somewhere…the result was some loss of time and a bit of frustration for them and embarrassment for me. But when I was in the Navy, at a Naval Air Station, an air-traffic controller gave incorrect directions to two incoming aircraft - the result: tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage and the loss of several lives. A very serious mistake resulted in great loss. But the most serious mistakes made are those which result in the loss of one's soul for an eternity. Tonight I want us to consider a man who made five serious mistakes with regard to his deliverance. Sad to say, that multitudes today are making those same mistakes and the consequences of those mistakes will last throughout eternity.

The man is Naaman (v1)

Five Serious Mistakes That Naaman Made:

I. He offered the wrong price. (v 5)

II. He went to the Wrong Person v 5-6

III. He went to the Wrong Place v 7-9

IV. He wanted to use the Wrong Prescription v10-11

V. He had the Wrong Attitude v 12

VI. Notice God's Grace v 13-14

Serious mistakes can result in serious consequences.

Don't make the same mistakes today. Do you know Christ Have you been cleansed from sin? Are you living your life in obedience to His Word Will you allow pride to stop you from doing business with God? Come now, and don't delay.