Hated For Telling It Like It Is

I Kings 22:1

We have seen many changes in the way that the Bible believing Christians are perceived by our communities. Some perceive us as being radical cultists, while others consider us poor ignorant fools for believing the Word of God. For the most part we are considered to be out of touch with reality, because we believe that the message of God's Word is relevant for today. This isn't really all that new.

The world doesn't like our message any more than it did the message of the prophets of old. Turn with me to our text where we are introduced to a man who was hated for telling it like it is!

I. The Circumstance

II. The Criticism

III. The Consequence

Nothing more is ever said about Micaiah. Perhaps he died in jail, but he refused to compromise the message and the Word of God. He was hated for telling it like it is. But he was remembered as one that was faithful and true to the message of God.

May this be our testimony as well. Keep telling it like it is, regardless of the consequences. Others need to hear the truth. Jesus is coming soon!