Price of Disobedience

I Kings 13:1-32

The Kingdom had divided. Rehoboam reigned over Judah while his brother Jeroboam reigned over Israel. Jeroboam did not want any of his kingdom to go up to Jerusalem to worship for fear they might follow Rehoboam. So he made his own centers for worship, in actuality idol-worship. He ordained his own order of priests, sacrifices, and altars. One area was Beth-el and the other was in Dan. Both of these were to the north toward Jerusalem. Then there came a man of God. Tonight, we do not want to consider the sin of the king of Jeroboam, but consider the price of disobedience paid by one of God's servants. Read v 1-6.

I. He Was God's Man 13:1-6

II. He Knew The Truth 13:7-10

III. He was deceived 13:11-19

IV. He Paid the Price for Disobedience. v20-32

The price of disobedience comes higher than any of us would want to pay. We must be careful to obey God rather than men, because there is an adversary on the prowl. Mt. 7:15, "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheeps' clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves." We must commit ourselves anew each day to studying God's Word so we won't become easy prey for our adversary. Satan cannot have our soul, but he can ruin our testimony and destroy our effectiveness for God.