Josiah: An Example for All

II Kings 22

This morning the challenge was for us to make a difference. Tonight, I want us to briefly look at the life of a young man who did just that. Many in today's society tell us that we are all products of our environment. If you grow up in an abusive home, you will be abusive. However, the young man who is the subject of tonight's message proves just the opposite. In fact, he proves that each of us can make a difference if we choose to do so. His name was Josiah, and he is a great example for us all.

The world into which Josiah was born was a lot like ours. It was a troubled world of confusion, murder, and warfare. People hated God, or at best, they ignored him altogether. It was Josiah's father, Amon, and grandfather, Manasseh, who had brought the nation to this serious condition. Note several scriptures which give us a picture of what it was like to live in Josiah's times. 2 Kings 21:9, 16, 20-22 then note v23, there was an assassination in the king's own home. That means that either Josiah witnessed or heard immediately of his father's murder. So it was into this kind of a world that Josiah was born. But, Josiah was able to turn his nation around for the Lord. He became a great king. How was he able to do this? I think there were at least four influences in his life which had a profound effect upon him and allowed God to use him to turn his nation around.

I. He Had A Godly Mother. 2 Kings 22:1-2

II. He Made A Personal Decision

III. He responded to the Word of God.

IV. He had a tender heart. 2 Ki. 22:19-20

God took a little boy at age eight and made him the king of Israel. He used this little boy to turn an entire nation back to himself. Josiah was able to be used by God because...

He made a real difference in his world. We don't have to wait to get started, we can begin making a difference right now!