I Kings 17:8-16

There is a word that we use often to denote the negative. It is 'Not'. It has also been used in a comical manner to make a point. Like, I am the most handsome guy here ... NOT! You all seemed to agree with that statement too quickly.

We find the word used three different ways in our passage this morning: "Have Not", "Fear Not", and "Waste Not". I want us to consider each of them and what they mean to us today.

I. Background Information

II. Consider the "Not's" of this passage.

III. Lessons to be Learned.

Are we trusting His promises today? He promises eternal life for all who will believe in Him. He promises a home in heaven for eternity. He promises to provide and take care of us every step of the way. Are we trusting Him today or are we tied up in "not's"? Are fears robbing us of the joy of living? We need to trade our fears for faith. We need to give Christ first place in our lives. His promises will not fail. Don't focus on the have not's, just fear not and God's provision will waste not.