Worship and Spiritual Warfare

II Chronicles 20:1-30

Most Christians think of worship as something we do as we come together on Sunday morning. We've learned that worship helps us endure trials and empowers us for witnessing. However did you know that worship aids us in spiritual warfare as well? The worship and praise of Almighty God gives us victory over the enemy.

In the OT, the people of God learned that worship and warfare went hand in hand. Over and over we read of situations in which the people failed to worship God with their whole hearts. As a result their enemies defeated them. However, when they repented and truly worshiped God, He always gave them victory. They could not win a war without sincere worship.

Paul and Silas won the victory by singing in the depth of the Philippian prison and were freed by an earthquake. Jonah worshiped God in the belly of the great fish and was spewed up onto the shore. Worship brings victory! Truly, worship and spiritual warfare go hand in hand.

I. Worship and Warfare: An OT Example.

II. Worship and Warfare: NT Principle (2 Co 10:3-5)

III. Worship and Warfare: Application.