I Chronicles 29:1-9

It is a great privilege to be able to serve God. No matter what the service may be. There is no service to god that is not important or worthwhile. In Mark 12 you will recall that Jesus commended the poor widow who gave two mites, not because of how much she gave, but because of her attitude in giving. She was consecrated in her service to God. In v5, David sends out a call for consecrated service. "and who then is willing to consecrate his service this day unto the lord?"

Consider with me the:

I. The work v1

II. The example v2-5a

III. The Call. V5b

IV. The Response v6-9

We have a great work to be accomplished. We have a great example of whole-hearted consecrated service. We have an urgent call from the King. What will be our response?

Jesus Christ is worthy of our best. He wants us to yield to Him and allow Him to use us to reach this world with the Gospel.

Consecration = Full Hands

Will we stand before Him empty handed? Why not come today and dedicate yourself...willingly offer up yourself...your time...your wealth...your be used of God to reach others for Christ.