Enlarge My Coast

I Chronicles 4:9-10

When my parents built their new house they put in cable electric heat. This was quite a change from the old coal and wood stove that they had in their old house. Each room had individual temperature controls. They were not marked with a graduated scale. They just had a section on the control that simply read "Comfort Zone". Go above that section and the room would be too hot; go below and the room would be too cold. Keep it in the "Comfort Zone" and everything is great.

I believe that we, as Christians, also have our "Comfort Zones". When we are in them we are more likely to relax and be satisfied with the way things are. I must guard against that in my own life and ministry. Our attendance is at the point where it would be easy to fall into a "Comfort Zone". The church is doing well financially. You are taking care of me and my family. Why push for change? Why seek to grow? After all, things are very comfortable!

The danger is that we may grow complacent and self-satisfied! When that happens, we begin to grieve the heart of God. We are in danger of becoming like the church at Laodicea! To avoid this from becoming a reality we must pray! But what should we pray? Note: 1Chro. 4:9-10

I. Jabez' Place in History.

II. The Prayer of Jabez.

III. The Application.

We have a great opportunity in our community to make a difference for the cause of Christ. Yes, we have had some great blessings from God and we have seen some wonderful results. But God help us not to become comfortable and lose sight of what can be done if we will simply ask God. "God granted him that which he requested". He will do the same for us!