Conduct in Fellowship

I John 2:3-27

1 John 1:3, "That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ."

Last week we looked at John’s introduction and discussion of the conditions for ‘fellowship’. In the course of the next few weeks we want to look at a number of things about ‘fellowship’. Tonight we will look at what the conduct in fellowship should be.

I. The Character of Our Conduct. v3-11

II. The Commandment for Our Conduct. v12-17

III. The Creed for Our Conduct: "We Know the Truth" v18-27

True fellowship has two important conditions which must be met: conformity to a standard (Jesus Christ) and confession of sin. As we have seen this evening, the character of our conduct involves obedience and love. Are you enjoying true fellowship with God and others? If not, you are missing out on one of the greatest blessings of salvation!