Conditions for Fellowship

I John 1:1-2:2

Tonight I want to begin to look at a word from the Scripture that is used often, but I wonder if we truly understand it. To fellowship means to have something in common. While we as Christians have many things in common, the one essential ingredient of Christian fellowship is Christ Himself. We can have fellowship with one another, but we also can have fellowship with the Father and with His Son. Our Ďunioní with Christ is our "son-ship" and that never changes. However, our "communion" with Christ is our "fellowship" and that can be hindered by sin. "Son-ship is a matter of life and death, but "fellowship" is a matter of light and darkness. In the first epistle of John we find the subject of fellowship explained in great detail. Over the next few evenings, we will see the conditions for fellowship, our conduct in fellowship, the characteristics of fellowship, some cautions in fellowship, and the consequences of fellowship. Tonight we want to consider the conditions for fellowship.

I. Introduction 1:1-4

II. Conditions for fellowship 1:5-2:2

Conclusion: What are the conditions for fellowship with God? There are only two:

Are we in fellowship with God tonight? If we have met His conditions we are. Is He our standard or is the world? Have we kept our account in order? Daily confession of our sins is necessary for daily cleansing!