Dealing with the Past

I John 1:9

Last week we saw how the Bible makes it clear that our past definitely affects our present and our future. There's a real emphasis on this subject in the Scripture in direct statements, clear principles, and through all the narratives in the Word of God. We also discussed how that there were definite benefits to having a past. Let me remind you of what we found out about how our past could help us.

This evening I want to continue to talk about dealing with our past hurts. Our past hurts can be divided into two basic categories.

I. If It Hasn't Been Confessed.

II. Passages on confession

III. Making Things Right.

IV. What about before we were saved?

Next week I want us to look at how we should handle the past when it concerns how others have sinned against us. But tonight, let's not miss the point of the message. When we sin against another, we need to confess it and make it right with God and with the one against whom we have sinned.

We must not overlook the joy of repentance and cleansing. Note the example of David. We saw in Ps. 32 and 38 what it was like when he neglected to deal with his sin properly. Now look at Psalm 51 where he confesses and seeks cleansing from God.

Think about this for a moment; when was the last time we sinned against another? Now when was the last time we asked forgiveness? The answers should be the same. Come tonight and get it settled.