Benefits of True Fellowship

I John 5:1-21

Tonight I want to close out our series on the first epistle of John. The theme of this book has been "True Fellowship". We have looked at the conditions for fellowship, conduct in fellowship, characteristics of fellowship, cautions of fellowship, and tonight we will see the consequences or benefits of fellowship.

I. Love for the Brethren. 5:1-3

II. Victory over the World. 5:4-5

III. Verification of Christís Credentials. 5:6-12

IV. Assurance of Eternal Life. 5:13

V. Guidance in Prayer. 5:14-17

VI. Freedom from Habitual Sin. 5:18-21

We enjoy many benefits from God as believers. When we are in true fellowship with God, we enjoy a love for the brethren, victory over the world, verification of Christís credentials, assurance of eternal life, guidance in prayer, and freedom from habitual sin. Are we enjoying these benefits? Are we in fellowship with Christ? Come tonight, whatever your need may be.