Cautions of Fellowship

I John 4:1-21

Our theme for the past several weeks on Sunday evenings has been ‘True Fellowship’. We have been studying the first epistle of John to see a number of things concerning fellowship. In chapter one we looked at some of the conditions for fellowship, in chapter two we discussed proper conduct in fellowship, and in chapter three we considered the characteristics of fellowship.

Tonight we begin looking at chapter four and find that John offers some warning concerning fellowship. The first on has to do with ‘lying spirits’.

I. Concerning Lying Spirits. v1-6

Does it really matter what a church teaches? Many would say no, but I believe the Word of God teaches that it is extremely important. We are cautioned to ‘try the spirits’ or put them to the test to see if it is of God! If any teaching or preaching does not line up with the Word of God believers who are in fellowship with the Lord should be able to recognize it! The Word of God is our ‘plumb line’. The foundation of our faith ought to be God’s Word! Is it?