Are You Spiritually Alive?

I John 3:5-10

Revelation 3:1b, "...I know thy works, that thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead." This is quite a startling statement made by our Lord. Especially when we realize that He is making it to a local New Testament church. I am confident that the church in Sardis was not unlike many churches today. They no doubt has worship services where the Word of God was preached, hymns were sung, and offerings of praise were made. But Jesus said that they were dead! How can this be? Let me illustrate.

You are walking outside and hear an airplane passing overhead. You look up and observe that the plane is travelling from east to west. While in flight, the pilot has a massive heart attack and is dead instantly. The plane will continue to fly for some time before it crashes to the ground. We assume that the pilot is alive and in control, but unless we can actually look into the cockpit we cannot know for sure. Jesus Christ is the One who walks in the midst of the candlesticks, or the local churches. He knows our works!

Not only can this be true of churches, it can be true of individuals as well. It seems that the term "born-again" has lost its true meaning. Everyone is born-again, from presidents to pornographers. Many claim the term, but few understand it! Recently, I was talking with a man and I asked him if he was right with God. His answer, "Well, I was baptized..." Is that what it is all about? Baptism, church membership, prayer, Sunday school, etc? Absolutely not!

I. Spiritual Birth Means Salvation. cf. 1 John 3:5-10

II. There Are False Professions.

III. Evidence of a Genuine Salvation.

Conclusion: Are you spiritually alive today? Check your vital-signs against this standard. Don't be deceived into thinking that it isn't important that your life change. Don't be fooled today. You can know that you are saved. God's salvation isn't a think- so, hope-so, maybe-so ... it is a know- so salvation. cf 1 John 5:13 If you aren't sure you are saved today, you need to come in repentance and faith accepting the blood of Christ as the only way of salvation. Christians, what kind of fruit is in your lives? Jesus said, " their fruits ye shall know them."