Characteristics of Fellowship, Part 1

I John 2:28-3:3

We have been looking at the subject of true fellowship as addressed by John in this first epistle. We have seen the conditions of true fellowship and what the conduct of true fellowship should be. Tonight we want to look at what he has to say concerning the characteristics of true fellowship.

John has much to say concerning this area of fellowship. First we want to consider the characteristics of fellowship in relation to our prospect.

I. Our Practice. 2:28-29

II. Our Privilege. 3:1-2

III. Our Prospect. 3:3

The mere fact that we are looking for Jesus to return any moment should motivate us to want to purify ourselves for His return. Are we exhibiting the characteristics of true fellowship in our lives? Tonight we have considered our practice (to abide in Christ and do righteousness), our privilege (to be called the sons of God), and our prospect (to wait and look for the coming of Christ).